Monday, August 28, 2006

Close the Book on 2006

Can't say it much better than this...

• Thank God these games are late at night. I've been spared watching most of the sweep. It's pretty obvious the sox are going to limp to the finish line. The Fenway bullpen should have the M*A*S*H* logo painted on the top of it.

• Tonight's starter Jon lester has been scratched and sent back to Boston to have tests proving once again that "you can never have enough pitching"

• Ok, I'll admit, I will still watch. I will still cheer. I will still hope. But I'm not holding my breath.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

A little Recognition

Since I was well asleep going into last nights game, I won't retread opinions that I've read today. Just a quick note thanking Boston Dirt Dogs for putting up the pic from my last post and linking it back to here.

This isn't just a gratuitous link back. I'm a genuine fan of their site. Be sure to check them out (if you don't already).

If you've come from there, feel free to leave a comment and come back from time to time. I'll actually try to keep this thing updated and going for the rest of the season.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

For Shame!

Well, you're right, It's been a while but here we go... Last night I was sitting in a locker room before my last adult hack league hockey game and one of my teammates was wearing a Yankees hat and I felt like this...

We don't have to imagine the day that we as Red Sox fans can't hassle a yankees fan in the heart of "the RS nation". It's here. It sucks. It's not going to get better any time soon. After being humiliated for five games in a row in our own park we get to take a big west coast swing. That's a trip that the sox have almost always struggled with. Then It won't get any easier coming back to Toronto and Chicago.

One of the few bright spots was Wells' encouraging performance yesterday. If he can repeat that in his next start, we can at least say our rotation is back to 2 quality starters. And no, Beckett isn't one of them until he learns to throw more than one pitch. Last year he was 15-8 with a 3.38 ERA. Why are we so surprised that he is stuck at 13 wins with a 5.35 ERA? We always do the NL to AL stats conversion whenever we talk about ANY pitcher. Have we just been blinded by all the "He has great stuff" press that got shoved down our throats before the season? What a great pickup... a "1A guy to go with Schilling". Hmmm a middle of the road NL free agent with "great stuff"... Sound familiar Matt Clement? At least J. Beckett seems to have a backbone as opposed to Clement. Maybe too much since he can't seem to admit that he needs to change his approach.

Remember when Lowell was the "throw in" that we had to take in that deal? Seems to me he was the big prize in that deal.

Now, can the season be saved? Probably. If we can learn anything from history, sometime soon once we have all given up hope, the Sox will go on a run just to pull us back in. If we are lucky, they may just miss the playoffs and spare us the first round sweep again.