Monday, June 05, 2006

A Step in the Right Direction

With yesterday's win, Matt Clement showed that he can pitch in the Major League. I'm not getting ahead of myself here. For the most part he's been pretty funky this year. If he can string another start like that again, then we can start to (maybe) get off his back. There is still one thing that bothered me about his performance. He gave up way too many first pitch balls. It turned out well overall but starting out behind the majority of the time can wear on a pitcher. Kinda playing with fire a little. The good thing about it, he definitely had them swinging (badly) at a lot of pitches outside of the strike zone. His stuff was either really deceptive or Detroit was really undisciplined at the plate.

At least we don't have to run him out of town yet.

• Youkilis seems to have dodged a serious left forearm injury after getting hit yesterday. The X-Rays came back negative. Even though the infield corners are battered they are at least minor injuries.

• We may finally get to see one of the highly touted prospect in Boston for one of the double header games on Saturday. Rumors say that John Lester may finally get his shot. I wouldn't expect him to stay long since the Sox seem to really be trying to protect their young arms and develop them at a conservative pace but the injury to Wells and the extra game are making it a necessity to bring one more up.

• Up to now (and still), Jason Varitek has surprisingly gotten a free pass where his batting average is concerned. In seven games he has hit .321 bringing his average up to only .245. It shows you how much respect Boston fans have for him. We've crucified many other valuable players for less. If Lowell (an all star caliber gold glove) were only hitting around .250 do you think we would give him this much time to straighten it out? He would have been strung up real quick. Thankfully we all know how important Tek is to the pitching staff and how valuable he is behind the plate.

• Now we get the Yankees for 4 games. Here's a great chance to improve our position in the east. Besides, there is almost always something worth writing about during or after a Yankees series. Maybe I won't slack off for a week and a half this time.


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