Monday, June 19, 2006

So What Are the Red Sox?

It seems we are seeing two different teams. I got to see Papi's walk off live and in person from the Right Field Roof. Since, they lose 4 straight including getting swept by the Twins who were only 28-34 when the Sox rolled into Minnesota. Then we see them sweep the spiraling Atlanta Braves who were 30 and 37. Two under .500 teams. Two completely different results.

We've seen inconstant pitching and a rotation that is falling apart to the point where we have to rely on a pitcher picked out of Kansas City's dumpster. Not good enough to pitch in Kansas City but good enough for us? I don't get it. Kyle Snyder has been picked up off of waivers and is getting the start for the Sox tonight against Washington. His only start this year... only two plus innings. His major league record is 2-9, 5.91 ERA in 29 games, 19 starts. Are they that desperate? Sure, he has options left but big deal. He must not be worth much if KC didn't want to use his option and keep him in their minor league system. In case you're not getting my point... KC, the worst team in all of baseball, with a 19-49 record released him. Now I may not be a baseball insider. I may be missing something, some reason why a stink hole team at the very bottom of all of the majors would be willing to release a worthy player. If there is something, I don't think I'll be able to figure it out.

Is this a desperate move? I guess we'll find out tonight. Maybe we'll also find out if we can beat another sub .500 team. I don't think we'll have a smooth season until the starting rotation stabilizes. From 7 starters this spring, we are down to 3. Right now, the other 2 spots are a question mark. We have revolving rookies and a bottom rung throw away.

Hope for the reverse lock tonight?


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