Thursday, May 25, 2006

Missed Opportunity

Sox drop series 1-2.

The Sox got to Johnson again but blew the opportunity to put away the Yankees. I thought this series was supposed to be easy. I guess all the prognosticators were a little wrong on this series. Not everyone was saying it but too many were already starting to write off the Yankees. Yes, they are in trouble with pitching. Yes they are missing a few offensive components and a couple others may be getting too old but are the Red Sox much different right now?

Right now the Red Sox have only 2 reliable starters in Schill and Becket. Wakefield will be fine but with his knuckle ball, you never know. After last night, Clement is a huge question mark. I hope he turns things around soon because he is owed about 9 million this year. That with the way he is performing means he can't be traded. Besides, we don't have the depth to do that anyway. The biggest wild card of them all?... That's right, David Wells. Lets hope he comes in tomorrow night and pitches well. That will give us an ok back end of the rotation and may take some of the pressure off Clement. At least we have room in the rotation for Clemens if/when/where he decides to play this year.

Unfortunately, one of the best things to happen to the Sox so far this year is also leading to this uncertainty in the pitching rotation. Papelbon. The kid is on fire with 15 saves. If they could even think about pulling him from the closer spot (which they can't obviously) he would solidify the rotation and give the Sox 3 nasty starters at the top of the rotation.

The good news... Tampa come to town for four games. Unfortunately, New York has Kansas City so unless the Red Sox sweep, we may see a lead change but ultimately, this early in the year, who cares about that.


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