Thursday, May 18, 2006

It Had To End Sometime

Baltimore 4, Boston 3

After winning 13 straight against Baltimore, the Sox finally lose in a game that was not as close as the final score indicates. Once again, the Red Sox offense failed to show up for a Tim Wakefield start. Wake wasn't brilliant but he did keep them in the game. He left with just a 3 run deficit. One 2 run mistake to Kevin Millar, a 2 run homerun in the 4th inning was the start and a wild pitch in the 5th was ultimately the game winning run.

Random thoughts

- Later in the game it started to seem like the plate umpire might have had an appointment to get to. Players on both sides were continually surprised with some of his strike calls. At least he was consistent I guess. Very big strike zone.

- I would have liked to see a couple more angles on the caught stealing to end the game. One of the closest plays that I've seen in a while.

- Someone has to step up besides Ortiz. Although he is hitting .302 Manny (the highest payed player on the team) only has 19 RBI. One behind the lead off hitter (Youk) . Of course, after Ortiz, there are less base runners left for Manny but I've seen him fail do drive in quite a few.

- I've read and heard complaints about the new Red Sox Nation. Specifically the "pink hats". Who in their right mind would complain about women, a lot of them fit, good looking women, at the ballpark. Comes across a lot like the guys who call women lesbians when they shoot 'em down at the bar. Most of the knocks come after being jealous of them swooning over the likes of Johnny Damon or whoever else. Big deal. They look a lot better walking up the aisle than you do.


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