Wednesday, May 10, 2006

E-Rod Hands Game to the Sox


Today is a good day to be a Red Sox fan. The Yankees were embarrassed in their own house by the Sox 14-3. Let me say that again... 14-3. Randy Johnson didn't even make 4 innings.

Even better, Alex Rodriguez committed 2 major errors, leading to 4 unearned runs. That would have been all the Sox needed. The other 10 runs? Just an extra side of gravy on your KFC mashed potatoes. Only makes things better. The Yankees looked more like clowns than the favorite (not mine of course) to win the A.L. East.

Most noticeable, after A-Rod's first error, Johnson just couldn't seem to get it back together. Had he come up with that ball in the 3rd, there's no telling how the game would have went. Instead, Johnson just fell apart and the Sox lead the head-to-head match up 2-0.


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