Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Opening Day

I started this blog on another site and am moving over hear. Here's my 4/3/06 entry

Ok, I know what you're saying... Another Red Sox blog? Yup. "Why?" you ask? Simple. Like most other members of the Red Sox Nation (non-official. I wouldn't pay $10 to qualify myself), I have opinions about our team. Are they the most informed? Probably not. I don't travel with the team. I haven't been a sports reporter. I can't quote stats for every player from every year although I may use them sometimes. What I hope to do is show my angle on the state of the team, game and whatever else catches my mind.


Like most baseball fans, opening day is an exciting day for me. Especially in the Northeast. Besides kicking off the baseball season it also signals the end of winter. Forget about the official start of spring. I don't even know what date that is because it always still feels like winter to me. Opening Day brings hope. It brings hope of another exciting year of baseball. It brings the hope of warmer weather and the hope of enjoying walking out one of the many runways to see the grass, the monster, the cramped seats, and of course the hot dogs and beer. Worse case, I can still watch the TV, open up all the windows of my apartment pick up some hot dogs on the way home. Not as good as Fenway of course but the Coney Islands (or Gaggers as some of us like to call them) down here in Fall River are a pretty good substitute.

THE EXODUS OF THE IDIOTS - Is it really the end of an era?

So much has been said about this during this off season. I look at this a couple different ways. First, it's disappointing to see the players that won it all go. They were solid baseball players (at the very least). They were entertaining. And most of all, they made history. We'll never forget the Yankees series. We'll never forget watching the final out of the '04 World Series. The best part of all of this, and what Red Sox fans all over should be grateful for is the fact that this group finally took away the angst and doom and gloom away that accompanied watching the Sox. Especially towards the end of the season. I don't think they got a free pass last year as much as it was mentioned in the media. Maybe a little, but I just think that people were happy and could finally enjoy the game for what it was. 'Till the playoffs of course. Nothing fun about that.

Second, it's a relief of sorts. The routine was getting tired. I can appreciate chemistry. I can understand marketing. I can understand ultimate stardom that comes with a championship in these parts. BUT, if I had to endure one more season of bad, cliche, catch phrases I think I would go insane. Unfortunately we have Kevin Millar to blame for a lot of them (but hey, I won't resort to bashing him. That's been done enough.) What's my point? PLEASE, PLEASE , PLEASE no more! No more idiots. No more "anyone being anyone" Manny being Manny, Terry being Terry, Curt being Curt, and now... Julian being Julian! Thats a lame excuse that allows some hugely paid people to act without withstanding criticism. Please stop. I'll even go as far to ask for the ceasing of some overused baseball cliches like the "boys of summer" and after this off season, no more of the "hot stove heating up". Phew... ok,I feel much better now. Rant over. The one that can stay... "Dirt Dogs". No, that's not a blatant plug to the site even though I do enjoy it. I like the concept. I like the ideal. I love the work ethic that qualifies a guy as such.


So far, I'm ok with it. I'm interested to see how the new infield will work. I'm glad that Youkilis is off of the Pawtucket shuttle. I'm interested to see how the left side will hit. I'm looking forward to Coco Crisp becoming the center fielder rather than Johnny Damon's replacement. Most of all it will be very interesting to watch a team that is supposedly shifting towards the magic formula of pitching and defense. I'm not completely convinced of that. Even with the slight offensive downgrade, I think we will see more than enough runs from this lineup. It probably won't be 1-9 like the last couple years but we should see at least a solid 1-7. How much an effect it will have is still up in the air (to me at least).

Now just a few short hours away from now we'll get to see one of 2005's major question marks take the mound in Curt Schilling. We can hope for a quality start to Timlin to Foulke, to the Sox's first victory of '06.

Welcome to '06... PLAY BALL!


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