Thursday, April 13, 2006

Loss #2

The Sox drop to 6-2 after a horrible performance from David Wells. The hopes that he would step up after his bad outing in Pawtucket were dashed in the first inning and he never got it completely together. He said it best himself... "Batting practice tonight, really"

6 homers total. Three each team. The problem is, Toronto also had 8 more base runners than the Sox and they were able to take advantage of that.

The balls that did stay in play were handled incredibly well by the Sox middle infield. Besides his futility at the plate, I'm becoming a very big Alex Gonzalez fan. If he even gets close to his .244 career batting average I'll be ok with his lack of offense. He's probably the quickest shortstop we've had in a long time.

On to first base... Youkilis has really made the transition well. He had a few really nice picks out of the dirt. We definitely don't need to worry about his D over there. Now all we need is a little more consistency at the plate since he's not the prototypical power guy at the corner. His strength will be grinding away at pitchers and running up their pitch counts. Even though he is known for his patience, he may actually have to take an early swing every now and then to prevent pitchers from dropping in easy, called first and second strikes like they did last night.

With his home run in the 6th, Wily Mo is only one behind Bronson Arroyo. I wonder how long it will take him to catch up. What I found more encouraging than his HR was his 2 strike hit earlier in the game. It was simply a good piece of hitting unlike the wild flailing strikeouts from the night before.

Now we just need to hope that last night's performance by Wells was just an aberration not a sign that he's not ready after a short, lazy, "trade me" preseason.


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