Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist

Clemens visits the Sox on opening day...

His comments were published. I don't necessarily believe the routine. No, I don't think he's posturing himself to be in the middle of a bidding war. That may end up a convenient side effect. Nor do I believe he is ready to retire. He may think he is but I doubt it.

Lets not kid ourselves. He is going to wait until the All Star Break, see which team is positioned the best and come riding in on his white horse to lead the charge into the post season. What a story! Will the Sox need him by then? Lets hope not because that would mean at least one starting pitcher has been ineffective or injured. Of course, if someone gets traded or steps aside then... Welcome Back Roger!

Please don't misinterpret some early parts of this as negative. I've let that go a long time ago. I'd bet a lot of the "Nation" has too. Yeah, I know, he was part of the bad guys, but he ended up there. He was allowed to leave to Toronto first. Big deal. I think we all know that there are very few teams, and we are on that list, that can afford the higher paid players. So the Yankees are just a part of life. An unfortunate one, but one just the same.

This will continue to be a nice little sub-plot until he actually decides what he will do. Hopefully he doesn't finish his career as a Yankee. Anything but that. If it's with us, and we get another championship, It'd be a nice ending don't you think?

It sure would make seeing his display at the hall much, much better.


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