Monday, April 17, 2006

Bats Absent from Weekend Series

Thanks to excellent pitching and one bad call the Sox were able to get out of the weekend with 2 wins and one loss but we will need the bats to liven up to stay ahead in the A.L. East.

I'm not always a stats geek but this weekends box scores do more to show the futility at the plate than anything else I could say so lets take a look. Hopefully I've calculated everything correctly.

First lets look at the teams overall batting average for the 3 games. From Friday to Sunday, the Sox went 20 for 95 with 12 walks and 28 Ks for a .210 average. Slightly better than the leadoff batters who went 1 for 10 with 3 walks and 4 Ks for a .100 average. Did it get any better when combining the leadoff hitter with the #2 hitter? Nope. .095, 2/21, 1 walk, 5 Ks. The good news is that didn't really matter since the 3-5 hitters might not have driven them in anyway. They were a combined 5/33, .151 avg, 3 walks and 9 Ks and only 1 RBI. Varitek hit one in also but I think it was scored an un-earned run. Sorry it was a busy weekend, I didn't catch it.

The surprising part, the majority of RBIs came from our weak link in the line-up. Gonzalez had 3.

Although we all expected a drop off in offensive production this year it hasn't necessarily come from where we expected so the silver lining to this story is this drop should be temporary and this offense will pick things back up. Especially once the outfield injury situation plays out.


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